The pastoral country of Granheath boasts prosperity, a rich history and a wealth of knowledge and resources. For many generations, the Wyrmblooded, an aristocracy of rulers who carry the blood (and therefore the magic) of the ancient dragons in their veins, has ruled over the people. Their command of sorcerous magic has given them a long, largely unopposed rule… Until recently.

Within the last fifty years, a new method of magic has arisen and quickly gained popularity. This new type of magic can be taught to almost anyone with an inclination. This new development has lead to a renaissance, including the rise of the wondrous magical city of Highbower, capital of Granheath. It has also lead to near-panic conditions among the Wyrmblooded: if the gift of their bloodline can be copied by anyone with the time to learn, what determines their right to lead?

Social upheaval has gone hand-in-hand with technological and magical advancement, leading to an unstable state of affairs. Now five guilds wage a shadow war of secrets and lies, struggling for control of Highbower and, therefore, all of Granheath. On the surface, Highbower is a prosperous city full of wonder, but its slums hide a dark underbelly, and in the halls of power King Aryn struggles to contend with the Guilded Council. Great things are afoot…

The Highbower Chronicle

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