Nethecite is a highly corrosive stone used in some very specific mechanical applications. It is highly corrosive on contact and highly reactive with many other materials. As a result, it is very difficult to store, as it tends to eat through most containers.

In the presence of a proper reagent, it can cause a chemical reaction which releases great amount of energy. It has potential to provide a large amount of energy while taking up very little space.

Nethicite is mined in the Hellstooth Mountains by the Baert Company. The mining process is extremely hazardous; serious injury and death are not uncommon among those unfortunate souls who mine it. This has prompted The Crimson Coats to protest Baert’s mining operations on at least one occasion.

Dandyn Rwoth is known to receive large shipments of nethicite approximately every 3 months for the CA Project, possibly for its potential as a power source.


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